Taking the boring out of admin

For more than 25 years, Sverok has been at the forefront when it comes to efficient administration and application of new technology. Part of their success comes from their refusal to make administration of a non-profit boring and difficult. Rather they bring simple and easy solutions to their members. An example of an association that is using the Sverok Admin software on a tablet

The pain of renewing membership

Sverok Admin AB provides services to more than 250,000 members across 4000+ associations in 32 non-profit organisations. One of these are Sveriges Elevkårer, who hold a majority of Sweden’s high school students as its members. Annually these associations need to renew memberships and this can mean a significant amount of work for associations. Those in charge can spend a lot of time getting a hold of people to renew memberships and they are not necessarily administrative experts. Time spent on simply renewing memberships is taking time away from doing the valuable work that associations do.

SMS = Improved Responsiveness

"E-mail is always an option for all of these services, but our clients tend to choose SMS as they find it more reliable for triggering a response from the receiver." - David Gustavsson - Sverok Admin

Several articles cite various open rates for SMS from 80% (Shift, 2015) to 94% (Esendex, 2018). Any way you slice the data you are likely to come to a similar conclusion - people read are much more likely to read and respond to SMS.

Sverok Admin integrated SMS from 46elks into their membership system “eBas”, which is used to host and support for thousands of members. Their solution makes it easier to collect and administer association information as associations can continuously report their information directly to their parent organisation.

One of the most useful features is that they allow their clients to send out SMS invitations to their members to renew their membership which includes web links. The association members can then make their renewals through the short links provided and respond with SMS. Other SMS services involve invitations to events, membership verification-codes and document signing requests.

“We wanted a Swedish partner and we were impressed by the well-organized API-documentation and the technical support has been quick when we needed solutions” - David Gustavsson - Sverok Admin

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