We are 46elks

Victoria Wagman

CEO and customer-responsible developer who sees opportunities everywhere. When you want to develop a new solution, Victoria will guide you to the finish line. Likes to talk about how we can contribute to a nicer and more fair world.

Martin Alge

Developer in the Platform team and system care taker. Usually the one introducing new colleagues to git and Python programming.

Carl Holmquist

Board chairman, entrepreneur and passionate investor who loves to spend time with his family and downhill mountain biking. Proud to be a part of tech companies with many women.

Johannes Ridderstedt

Technical founder, CTO and VR enthusiast whose job is to always have a solution for things that needs to be solved. Loves to talk about computer technology, computer games and foreign policy.

Joakim Kokocha

Placeholder longing for structure & content.
Sometimes {} [], but mostly just:

Rupus Reinefjord

Developer and the team's Chief Coffee Officer. When the infrastructure needs love, Rupus is in the right place at the right time. Likes to talk about the pros and cons of IoT.

Rene Brakus

Has an "I've been in your shoes" mentality when helping developers in Croatia (and the region) integrate 46elks services. One of the IT community founders in Croatia whose main mission is to bringing IT people together in order to share experiences and help each other. 🇭🇷

Jesper Jansson

Versatile systems scientist and office artist. When you call our friendly support, you can be welcomed by Jesper's northern calm. Likes to talk about Age of Empires II!

Pernilla Dahlman

Board member, entrepreneur and business developer. Working with innovative solutions and sustainability for the planet, society, companies and people. Garderner and teen parent.

Niina Ebeling

Administrative ninja whose charisma represents "calm in the storm". When it comes to finance or economy, you’ll talk to Niina, otherwise she likes to talk about exercise - from yoga to padel!

Ben Chatwin

Part developer, part entrepreneur who enjoys thinking about business opportunities big and small. Happy to chat about wellness and crypto!

Anna Holmgren

Motivating team leader with a keen eye on support. When you are new here at 46elks - either as a user or colleague, Anna is your right hand. Is fond of talking about behind the scenes curiosities and "unnecessary" facts!

Filip Larsson

Member of the board. Computer geek at his core. Today an angel investor och property investor. Enjoy windy places.

Daniel Lisik

PhD student in AI and classification of asthma. Appreciates great digital user experience, Mediterranean climate and cycling. Developer of 46elks products with graphical user interface.

Eja Höglund

Tea drinking web developer with her eyes on the screen and feet on the ground. Communicates via text and is responsible for several of our guides and blog posts. Likes to talk about minimalism, ways of organizing things and how one lives in symbiosis with nature.

Buster Berggren

Technician in the Support team who is one of those who answer customers questions. Developer of internal tools for team members.

Nils Höglund

A developer at heart. Likes stable solutions that just works.

Carolina J. Säll

Social developer that you’ll meet when you attend workshops, hackathons or other activities with us. Loves to talk about problem solving in design, code and life.

Anton Myrberg

Developer who likes Markdown and Python. Currently away interrailing in Europe and one of the persons behind the project Sommarkodare.

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