Putting restaurant owners back on top

Hotmat was founded by Behzad Rostami in Karlskoga back in 2015. The company’s motto is to grow together with its restaurant partners, not because of them. In the B2B world, what is good for your customers in generally good for you. It’s important to understand your customer and how you can help them reach their potential.

Hotmat is fighting against the traditional business model in this industry of driving up percentages. This puts pressure on restaurants with margins that are already slim and often forces them to choose cheaper ingredients. Rather the team is focusing on helping restaurant owners streamline ordering processes and deliver more delicious food to consumers. There was also a lack of service and willingness to support businesses and their customers.

High margins without the customer experience

Given the meteoric rise of similar online food services, customers have come to expect responsive service and this aspect was missing from the market. A McKinsey report highlights the importance of good impressions. Platforms are sticky, 80% never or rarely leave for another platform given a good experience and time is critical.

SMS and Phone calls when it counts

Hotmat uses SMS to send limited-time offers to customers on behalf of their restaurant partners. Recognising that SMS is a channel that gets high-responsiveness they are smart with how they approach SMS marketing, sending rarely and at specific times when customers are most likely to respond positively. They also allow restaurant-goers to offer their friends discounts which are sent out through SMS.

"The API integration was so easy, it took me 20 minutes 4 years ago and I have barely changed anything, it just worked" - Behzed - Founder - Hotmat

Hotmat have also implemented a fantastic solution for restaurants owners. Orders are taken online and made available to restaurants through a tablet where restaurants owners confirm orders and begin preparation and delivery. What happens when orders are confirmed? This is where the ingenious use of the 46elks API comes in. Hotmat has programmed an automated phone call that lets the restaurants know that an order has not been confirmed and to check it right away. This reduces the missed orders to zero.

We love food ... we love food even more when it's easy. Thank you Hotmat!

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