Startupweek 2011

Last week I had a chance to participate in a high quality startup conference. This was the first time for me in the beautiful and charming city of Vienna. The venue of the conference was beautiful, the weather surprisingly was warm( well except the last day) and the quality of speakers, moderators and attendants was awesome.

startupweek 2011 vienna austria
One of the things I really loved was the high spirit of the organizers and damn they were so young. I had privilege to talk with lots of innovation representatives, Entrepreneurs and speakers. The result of the conference was great and I definitely would like to comeback for the experience in the next year.

Vienna has a great location because it is in the heart of Europe between the west and eastern part which can be a golden hub for connecting this two regions of Europe in its best way. Another good point is that austrians want to push the wheels of entrepreneurship more and more and I see passion in the eyes towards reaching these not so far goals. viva entrepreneurship and viva startupers!